Burgers, ribs and sausage from a bbq food truck

Are you fond of pulled pork, crazy about grilled chicken, or over the ears of spare ribs? Do you want to rent a mobile barbecue and are you looking for something original this time? Then you have arrived at the right place. Below we have listed all the bbq chefs for you. With a selection from dozens of BBQ food trucks, there is probably something for you. Be inspired by the rolling kitchen of Rich Pork, or the special appearance of the BBQ Army.

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Advice on renting a food truck

Do you need help with estimating the amount of portions, a question about your location or about the different barbecue variations? We are ready for you. Request a free quote and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the options. Believe us, we have already had the craziest questions. Together we make it a great party!

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Different BBQ food truck options

Do you want to rent a bbq food truck? Do not worry. You have arrived at the grill masters and BBQ heroes from our food truck file. These are the men and women who, with their BBQ food truck, have elevated the grilling of different types of meat and vegetables to an art form, with all the techniques involved. They are the professionals who use direct and indirect techniques to cook the meat.

With direct technology, the dishes are fried over the fire (the traditional way), and with indirect technology, the meat is slowly cooked through lateral heat dissipation (this can be done for example as a food truck uses a coal barbecue that can be closed with a hood).

There are all kinds of food trucks that apply these techniques and have mastered them. For example, there are the wood-fired ovens from Grill ‘n Smoke that, with their organic vegetables and fish, ensure a unparalleled taste sensation. In addition, you can also choose Mo’s Comfortfood which, with 23 years of catering experience in 2014, finally realized its food truck dream .

Barbecue Food truck at festivals

Barbecue Foodtruck Festival

The great thing about the barbecue category is that BBQ trucks can be used for various types of events. From large music events such as Pinkpop and Lowlands to urban markets such as the Swan Market in Rotterdam. Is a private party being organized? Or does the boss of the company want to turn up a big event? In both cases the BBQ food trucks are very suitable!

To give you an idea of how our BBQ food trucks work during festivals, we have added the following impression of Tommy’s Barbecue during a festival:

Hire BBQ kitchens for your wedding

Weddings also take on a completely different character with fully catered BBQ catering. If you want to get rid of a static whole where everyone with impatient children is sitting at long tables, a food truck is ideal for such occasions. In short, everyone can go and get something tasty to eat at ease when he or she needs it. Perfect for a more casual wedding.

In addition, in your enthusiasm, do not forget that some BBQ food trucks display their skills mainly at outdoor events. Always ask them if they can also carry out their specialties indoors, so that you avoid squeaking smoke detectors anyway. Do you have other questions about safety, the smell of the food or the quantity you need for your wedding? When you request a free quote, we can find the perfect match for you and we answer the questions together.

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Got hungry and ready to rent?

Have you already wanted a colorful barbecue after seeing our BBQ food trucks? Then contact us for a free quote. This is possible on the page of the food truck of your choice, but also simply by clicking the red button below. All our trucks are suitable for (large) formal and informal events, and most can be used both indoors and outdoors. That way we always have enough trucks for every event or party. Have fun choosing and we would like to hear it when you have questions!

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