Surprising vega dishes and nutritious meat substitutes

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Vegetarian food truck for your next event

Love vegetables and enjoy a rich meal? Loved meat, but taking care of the environment more? Do not worry! We have listed some vegetarian food trucks for both of them. From vegetable burgers with grains and legumes to fresh fruit smoothies. Be inspired by the offer. But especially ask us about the possibilities. Because there is, of course, much more on the menu!

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Party with a vegetarian food truck

Vegetarische foodtruck Ratjetoe

Ratjetoe is not only a vegetarian, but also a vegan food truck. Moreover, they mainly work with organic, seasonal local products. With their bright yellow Mercedes-Benz 208 they serve many Middle Eastern dishes. To start with, there is the well-filled lentil soup. With edible containers of flat bread and a choice of couscous, bulgur or bean salad. Butter balls, stuffed dates and different types of hummus are also on the menu. There are also two types of pita. The sabich sandwich includes smoked eggplant, baked potatoes and tahini. If you are used to pita shawarma, you can still be adventurous with the oyster mushroom variety. Finally, you naturally also want a dessert. Even then you are at the right place at Ratjetoe. Their chocolate cake with coconut and date caramel is a vegan dessert that cannot be ignored.

(Meat) dishes with a twist

With vegetarian food it is important that you get enough vitamins that would otherwise be in meat. At PUZZLES you have an option for every moment of the day! Start well with a yogurt and granola breakfast for example. They also have everything from Lima burger to Bombay fritters. In other words, vega burgers made from lima beans and falafel from our own kitchen. So lots of nutritious legumes. Served with various vegetables and sauces, there is nothing boring about it. But if you really want to try something special, you should go for pulled pork! Made from slow-cooked cauliflower! After no less than ninety minutes in the oven it goes on a cornbread with barbecue sauce. Also delicious with those crispy sweet potato fries. Finally, to smooth the thirst, there are various smoothies on the menu. From Green Power to Orange Punch and Red Devil to Chocolicious. Choosing will certainly not be easy.

Vegetarische foodtruck Puzzles

In addition to the above trucks, we have many more vehicles that serve delicious, original fries and snacks. Think of wagons with fries and vegetarian croquettes, flammkuchen and burgers. In addition, almost everything is organic and the decoration is also very diverse. From brightly colored hippie cars to food bicycles and professional, sleek buses. That way we always have a fries food truck for every occasion.

All food trucks are suitable for weddings, corporate parties, birthdays and other (in) formal events. Moreover, most trucks travel throughout the country. Feel free to take a look and make your perfect choice. Do you have questions? Feel free to state this with the free quote request. This way we ensure the perfect match! Lots of fun!

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