A True Chef In Your Kitchen

A cook at home can be very nice for that party that you will soon organize or if you just want to enjoy a wonderful evening at your home. The groceries and the dishes? That too will be arranged especially for you. From cooking, to serving, to the dishes, one of our chefs does it all. Ideal for a romantic Valentine’s Day , a family dinner , a 21-dinner or just a lunch if you feel like it.

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No worries. Everything is arranged from A to Z

The advantage of a cook at home is that you can fully focus on your guests. Enjoy the evening yourself and stay away from the kitchen . Let us know your wishes and we will find the perfect chef for you. The chef does the shopping, takes his own pots and pans and you can just relax and enjoy the festivities.

A cook at home does not have to be expensive at all

price from a private chef at home does not have to be high. For example, you can hire a chef at home for as little as € 50.00 per person for a 3-course dinner. Furthermore, the price depends on the chef, the availability, the time and the size of the group. Request a free quote from us. Then we will find something nice for you based on your taste, budget and occasion.

Our chefs prepare the dishes that you fancy

Whatever food you want, your home chef can make it for you. Thanks to our wide range of chefs, recipes from all types of kitchens can be made. Whether you would like a bbq cook at home , a sushi cook at home or a green egg cook , we ensure that it comes. Prefer a Moroccan cook , Japanese or Italian ? No problem!

Book a Private Chef