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The time has finally come: no fewer than 21 candles can be blown out. Life is only really beginning now. A nice study, a nice boyfriend or girlfriend and a whole group of friends that you got to know during the new study. Such an occasion may well be celebrated. Invite friends, girlfriends and parents for a smashing 21 dinner. Let yourself be pampered by a private chef at home. That way you no longer have to worry about groceries, cooking and washing up. View all our chefs on this site and be especially inspired by this page full of tips for organizing a successful 21 dinner.

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What is a 21 dinner anyway?

Traditionally, for a 21-dinner year-old or clubmates, people are invited to come and eat at the parents’ house. Such a dinner on a 21st birthday is typically Dutch and originated here a long time ago. The dinner was previously (and still today) mainly organized by student associations. In addition to being organized by these associations, it is of course also a great party to organize for other groups.
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Dining with a varied group

21 Diner

In addition to inviting new friends, it is also important that “old” friends are welcomed at this dinner. This way the old friends can get to know the new friends. Moreover, it is a tradition to invite only men or only women. In addition, it is of course important that the parents are present, because they always like to see who their child regularly interacts with.

What is expected of the guests?

The friends, girlfriends and parents each have their own roles. For example, the birthday boy is often fooled by a beautiful story from the past. Below we have listed everything for you, so that you know exactly what a 21-dinner looks like.

  • Create a photo album or video
    Something that is done more by the women than by the men is putting together a book with all the photos of the birthday boy. The compilation of this book happens a few weeks prior to dinner and is given as a gift on the evening of the dinner itself. Do you find photos somewhat old-fashioned? Of course, a video is also possible!

  • Some nice words on paper
    Parents, friends and girlfriends of the birthday boy should have the opportunity to tell something nice about him or her. Even if it is only a small piece of the parents to welcome the company. A nice intro and funny speeches are always fun.

  • Etiquette
    Watch your manners … A 21-dinner is a neat affair. Otherwise get prepared by The Real Gentlemen with their Gentlemen Academy.

  • Gifts
    Give a present. This can be as a group or an individual gift.

  • Tight in suit / dress
    Think neat clothes. Men, it is up to you to pick out a nice dress suit (suit with a longer coat). The ladies can put on a nice long dress.


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What is eaten at a 21 dinner?

The chic 21 dinner consists of several courses. The evening is often kicked off with a drink. You can of course offer guests a bottle of beer, but a bottle of bubbles is of course even more in style!


Start the course dinner with a small bite to start the digestion and taste buds. Amuses are generally small snacks that can be served hot or cold. Examples are flambé prawns and lemongrass and cognac, or tartar of smoked fresh salmon with truffle honey. A more famous variant is of course carpaccio! Our private chefs at home each have their own specialty when it comes to small snacks. In particular, ask us about the possibilities .




You can of course choose to leave it with an appetizer. But if you go for a 4-course dinner, then a starter is a part that should not be missing. The starter is, as it were, the pre-program for the main course and must be tailored to this in terms of taste. Popular entrees include (shrimp) cocktails, soups or small salads.

Main dish

With the main course you can also be assured of a pearl on your plate. Whether you prefer a nice piece of meat, vegetarian risotto or a fish dish, our chefs know how to handle it. Everything has to be perfect so we will only make the things that you want! Feel free to state your preference or get advice from the chef who will prepare the dinner.


Even if you have the feeling that nothing fits in, there is always room for dessert! You can choose from a classic such as the Crème brûlée or Tiramisu. You can also go for an exotic variety, with fruits and glutinous rice. Everything is possible! We know how to find a nice chef for every taste!

Why a home cook for a 21 dinner?

With a cook at home you are guaranteed a completely carefree evening. You don’t have to stand in the kitchen all evening, but you can just sit around the table or on the couch with all the guests. Moreover, you do not have to do any shopping and the dishes are also done. So totally relaxed, as parties are meant.