Garam masala blends with kernel

Indian food truck for your next event.
Do you love dahl or a tandoori fan? Super awesome! Then you probably also have something with these Indian food trucks that we have listed here. With pans as full as a jar with pears. Grab your papadum. Get inspired by creative curries and various naan dips. Ask us about the possibilities!

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Curry from an Indian food truck

Indian cuisine consists of many influences from all 29 states that fall under its name. There are undoubtedly differences in the dishes of Mumbai on the West Coast and Kolkata in the East. Take the garam masala, for example. Although the main components consist of cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander and various peppercorns, each version differs per region. Personal taste can also play a role. But no masala is more authentic than the other. The mixture plays an important role in the preparation of curry, tikka and tandoori. The Bombay Tikka at CURRYUP! consists mainly of marinated chicken with a mild spicy mixture of these herbs, tomatoes and yogurt. Vegetarian dishes have not escaped Indian cuisine. For religious reasons, Hindus sometimes do not eat meat at all. However, if you cannot choose, there is always the duo tasting where you get a bowl with two types of curry.

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Indian food truck serves on naan

Naan, or bread, is often served with Indian curries. But is not only tied to India. Because it is mainly prepared with sourdough, it distinguishes itself from roti without sourdough. Sometimes milk or yogurt is added to give the dough more volume. This way you also get a much softer bread. The naan can also be filled with both sweet and savory filling. The Kashmiri naan, for example, is filled with a mixture of nuts and raisins. The Amritsari naan, on the other hand, is full of spicy mashed potatoes and onions. Furthermore, naan is ideal for sharing. But at Indian Roast you get a bowl for you alone. You don't have to worry about the curry sliding in all directions. With this Indian food truck you can also get burgers on your naan.

Want to rent a fries food truck?

In addition to the above trucks, we have many more vehicles that serve delicious, original fries and snacks. Think of wagons with fries and vegetarian croquettes, flammkuchen and burgers. In addition, almost everything is organic and the decoration is also very diverse. From brightly colored hippie cars to food bicycles and professional, sleek buses. That way we always have a fries food truck for every occasion.

All food trucks are suitable for weddings, corporate parties, birthdays and other (in) formal events. Moreover, most trucks travel throughout the country. Feel free to take a look and make your perfect choice. Do you have questions? Feel free to state this with the free quote request. This way we ensure the perfect match! Lots of fun!

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